Monday, March 14, 2005


Livia wants some hypotheses on IA as change management.

Here's one:

Most organizations vacillate between two extremes. Either they institute too much structure and control with bureaucracy (see the Rational Unified Process) and inflexibility, or they allow too little control or structure (take your pick - or WebVan, anyone? Suggestions welcome).

Information Architecture can create a "loose" structure(s) that:
  • Frames the problems, opportunities, and constraints
  • Allow for varied perspectives (of both project stakeholders and the end-users)
  • Removes much of the politics from the decisions made in the project
  • Maximizes the benefit for everyone
Thus, IA can allow change to happen without strangling creativity or allowing too much flexibility.

Come on, let's prove that one!

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Livia Labate said...

Thanks for biting the bait Chris. I think you are right on, but now that the What is clearer, I want to understand the How.

How does IA remove much of the politics? How does it allow for all that flexibility while still providing structure and direction?

I have been exploring with different things and though I don't have definite answers I think this hypothesis can definitely be proven. I just wish there were more discussiond around this topic because I am certain we are all doing it in one way or another.