Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Think, Therefore What?

Here are two sentences that capture where I am at the moment:
[O]rganizations have simply lost a sense of what it actually means to be creative. For some reason, thinking and speaking are accepted as more important work than thinking and making.
Chris Conley of Gravity Tank, in discussion with Adaptive Path's Henning Fischer

Does this apply only to organizations? Looking at the amazing people that surround us, I'm struck by how much effort the design community expends in talking, blogging, and documenting every little thought and experience we have. I'm just as guilty as anyone else,* maybe more so as the things going on around us tend to set me thinking and thinking and thinking...

In the end, we are going to see some great transformations of work and life experience in the next several years. Gravity Tank is only one example of smart people having an impact far beyond the website.

Right now, I'm dedicating myself to the making part for a while and looking forward to sharing what happens to my thinking and speaking as a result. That dedication has taken the form of joining CloudRaker, an amazing design and development agency in Montreal.

Creative potential exists everywhere -- in every person, and as such in every organization -- but the current environment inhibits our ability to tease it into action. I will come out of this new experience not only re-grounded in making that happen, but also hope to do so in French. Here goes nothing!

Happy holidays to everyone.

* Yes, I know, not talking here, mostly in person. Maybe I should at least be typing. Stay tuned...


Dmitry Nekrasovski said...


Very inspiring post, and thanks for the link to the Chris Conley interview - it's a keeper.

Bienvenue au Canada, joyeuses fĂȘtes, et bonne chance pour ton nouveau boulot!


Chris said...

Merci beaucoup, Dmitry! I'm happy to be here.

Joyeuses fĂȘtes to you as well.


Kopanas said...

You hit the nail on the head... I wish people would just shut up and do! Hours and hours are spent talking which leaves very little time for doing unfortunately.

Russ said...

Fir the past 10+ years I've almost made it my mantra that I get more done from 5-8 than from 8-5 (and since the addition of the daughters, it's more like 10p-2a; daddy-time is a must).

What I think may be happening is in line with what you're noticing, except that people no longer are making time for productive time. Or at least not as many of them.

I've heard a lot about the next generation being very "entitled" but maybe it's more about figuring out the balancing act and teaching from the top down (that includes teaching people how to appropriately say "no").


Chris said...


It makes you wonder what we fill the days with. What is happening during the day that saps our ability to get real work done?


Ali said...

Happy Holidays,


inevernu said...

!!! I just learned last night that you've moved here! And work at Cloudraker! Sorry for all the ! points but I'm kind of floored. Welcome. We'll have to grab a beer sometime.

Chris said...

Hehe. Thanks Patrick. Beer would be great.

Steve Portigal said...

Hey exciting news (that I just discovered) - sorry that I won't bump into you as often around here; and sadly I haven't been to Montreal since my sister graduated McGill MANY YEARS ago. Great city, I can't imagine how interesting a place to work it's gonna be for you!


Chris said...

@Steve- Thanks! It's been great so far, even if it is far. Hopefully we'll bump into each other sooner rather than later. You never know...