Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Slight Bit of Horn Tooting

Hi All,

I have been somewhat remiss in not mentioning a couple of things that I've been working on with my friend and colleague, Jeff Lash.

Jeff and I, both UXers now in product management roles, have been busy over the last several weeks on two projects for others considering whether the move is right for them:
  • Boxes & Arrows articles on Transitioning from User Experience to Product Management (Part 1, Part 2), already published. There's been a good bit of discussion around Part 1, and it's getting started on Part 2 (just published yesterday).

  • IA Summit 2007 Pre-conference session, So You Wanna Be a Product Manager..., scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, March 22. The session will be much more than a boring rehash of the article with Q&A. If you're going to be at the Summit, come join us!
'07 is revving up nicely!

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